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“The primary responsibility of a school counselor is to counsel students to fully develop each student’s academic, career, personal, and social abilities.” –  Texas Education Code §33.006




Timber Creek Counseling Department:

Empowering & Inspiring Excellence Through a Developmental Guidance Program


Social-Emotional, Character & Guidance Lessons

Teaching & inspiring good character, along with ensuring positive mental health is part of educating the whole child.  Character traits such as honesty, responsibility, respect, self-control are emphasized throughout the school year.  Social Emotional Learning lessons may include topics related to feelings, friendship, bullying, conflict resolution, violence prevention/safety, healthy lifestyles, self-control, communication skills, study skills, and decision making.

Counseling Referral

Please contact the counselor if you have concerns about your child including:

  • Academic performance
  • Behavior
  • Sudden changes in behavior/mood
  • Family changes
  • Crisis

In addition to parents, any school staff may refer a student to the counselor.  If a child is in a crisis or is visibly upset, we will do our best for the child to be seen that day by the counselor.

A confidential online “Counseling Request Form” is available as a link on the top right column of the LISD TCE Counselor webpage. 

Individual/Group Counseling

Counseling is provided on a short-term basis varying anywhere from 1-4 sessions.  If a student needs additional services, the counselor will share outside counseling agency resources with the parent.


The counselor may see a student one time without parent consent; however, consent is required for services to continue.

All sessions are kept confidential and will not be shared with others.  Exceptions are made if the student shares concerns of his/her safety or safety of others.  School staff are required by law to report concerns of abuse or neglect.


  • ADHD/ADD Screening
  • Dyslexia Screening
  • Achievement & IQ Testing
  • Gifted & Talented Testing/Referrals
  • 504 Referrals
  • Special Education Referrals

Individual screenings/testing & referrals to special programs may be completed upon request.

Parenting Resources

School counselors offer parents support and connect them to resources as needed. 


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